MPOS Enclosure (Sled) For Zebra TC5X + Ingenico Link 2500i

This unique Mobile Payment Sled/Enclosure for the Zebra TC5X and Ingenico Link/2500i is one of our newest, thinnest, most exciting mobile solutions. This solution physically and electronically pairs a Zebra TC5X with an Ingenico Link/2500i, removing reliance on Bluetooth or WiFi for communication. It delivers a single solution that allows retailers to scan, stock check and order via the Zebra device while accepting payments and completing the sale through the Ingenico device.


Key Features:

  • Direct, wired communication between devices.
  • Rugged, zero depth design.
  • Fully integrated electronics.
  • Simultaneous charging via USB-C port.
  • Access to all payment methods.
  • Access to all controls on TC5X.
  • Minimal overall size adds zero thickness to the device stack up.
  • Easy removal of ENS enclosure from TC5X for battery hot swaps and maintenance.


MOQ: MOQ may apply, contact an ENS Sales Representative for more information.


mPOS Pairing Sled Enclosure (Ingenico Link/2500i and Zebra TC5X) Datasheet


Compatible with Zebra TC5X and Ingenico Link 2500i

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