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At ENS, we provide a range of innovative technology mounting solutions which help to deliver superior experiences for both our clients and their customers. Whether it be kiosks or modular mounting, our simple yet effective solutions help a vast number of businesses to maximise efficiency and ultimately, to run better.

  • checkmarkSimple, innovative and effective
  • checkmarkEnhance performance and deliver delightful experiences
  • checkmarkCreate meaningful customer relationships
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Why ENS for NCR Solutions?

With over twenty years’ experience as industry leader, ENS, A Havis Company specialize in innovative technology mounting solutions which help businesses to thrive. Across the Retail, Hospitality and Financial industries, ENS partners with NCR to create effective solutions which provide clients with unbeatable end-to-end efficiency. Whether it be our fully-customisable kiosks or innovative modular mounting series, ENS solutions align with NCR’s mission in being simple, effective and conducive to meaningful customer relationships.

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NCR Modular Mounting Solutions

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MM-1000 Series

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NCR Kiosk and Cart Solutions


Modular Self Check-Out Kiosk

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Wood Grain Kiosk

Wood Grain Kiosk

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Turn everyday transactions into meaningful relationships with an ENS x NCR Solution!

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By partnering with ENS and NCR, businesses can:

  • checkmarkEnable their business to run better and more effectively
  • checkmarkAchieve end-to-end efficiency with an empowering combination of ENS Hardware and NCR Software
  • checkmarkMeet customer expectations and ensure every interaction is positive and meaningful

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