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From the front of the store to the back of your warehouse, ENS designs solutions for technology to seamlessly Mount, Pair, Charge and Protect. When you work with ENS we put our knowledge and passion into action to create innovative and unique accessories that enhance the experiences of our partners and their end users. ENS’ Retail Portfolio includes payment terminal mounting, mobile accessories, POS mounting, tablet stands, kiosks, self-checkout and carts. ENS’ Warehouse Portfolio includes rugged mounts for vehicle mounted computers and tablets, docking solutions for Zebra, Panasonic, Dell, Getac, Samsung and Apple, and a full line of accessories including but not limited to rugged keyboards, scanner buckets and printer mounts.

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Custom Solutions

Nobody on the planet brings a custom solution to their customers faster and better than ENS!

ENS became the global leader in providing custom solutions by understanding that with direct  collaboration between our partners, customers and our world-class in-house design team we  can create the perfect solution for every customer technology need.

ENS has a wide range of best-in-class products that solve with many of your needs, but ENS  also has a portfolio of over 5,000 Custom Products. At ENS, we design cutting edge, unique  and innovative solutions for our customers every day.

With our HQ in Minneapolis, MN and a lean, local supply chain, ENS can deliver a unique new  solution or small updates to your current products that consistently meet budgets and  timeline.

Range Of Products

ENS Group has over 10 million products in use worldwide. We can be found in over 40 countries across the globe, in locations ranging from supermarkets and QSR, retail, retail banking, ticketing and kiosk to hospitality to leisure.

ENS has an evolving list of Core products – products relevant for the current marketplace and ready to be ordered off the shelf and delivered quickly.

ENS has developed over 5,000 custom solutions for our customers in a wide variety of product groups. Designing and delivering custom solutions is what we are best at and it’s what we have been doing for over two decades for many of the largest retailers.

ENS works with some of the world’s largest technology providers to make specific solutions for their devices. These OEM products are available exclusively through these partners.

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History of ENS

Greg Miler and Peter Floersch founded ENS in 2000 with a focus on payment terminal stands and well engineered industrial solutions to support technology at retail. Over 20 years, they built the company around providing the very best in engineering intellect, unmatched product quality and remarkable customer service. Their knowledge and insights on the industry and market needs has given ENS an incredible advantage in the marketplace. ENS is proud to have more than 85 of the top 100 US retailers, as well as leaders in the hospitality and financial industries as clients. As well as having an unmatched product portfolio of over 6,000 products.

In 2017, ENS purchased Tailwind Solutions, Ltd in the UK. Tailwind has expanded our reach to clients in ROW, as well as providing a product line of POS solutions and expanded our range of price points.

Joe Mach joined ENS as President in 2019.  This is a game-changing move as we look to the future. Joe brings a great mix of leadership, vision, industry knowledge and passion to ENS and is excited about continued success.

ENS is continuing to grow and innovate our global product portfolio to include mobile, kiosk and self check out options with charging, communicating and pairing for all onsite technology needs.

History of Tailwind Solutions

Tailwind Solutions Limited was founded in 2006 by Garry Knox and Mark Stewart, both senior managers within the card payments industry, who realized that payment machines need to be mounted at Point of Sale to prevent costly damage to the machine and the cabling, to enable a smooth and consistent check-out experience for shoppers. This led them to create a truly secure mounting solution for Point of Sale technology – FlexiPole.

Based in the historic Scottish city of Dunfermline, Tailwind has grown steadily with channel partners in over 40 countries and customers around the world.

In 2017, Tailwind Solutions was acquired by ENS Group, bringing together two of the leading brands to create a truly global world leader in secured mounting solutions for your technology.