Your technology. Our solution. Your way.

ENS became the global leader in providing custom solutions by understanding that with direct collaboration between our partners, customers and our world-class in-house design team we can create the perfect solution for every customer technology need. ENS has a wide range of best-in-class products that solve with many of your needs, but ENS also has a portfolio of over 5,000 Custom Products. At ENS, we design cutting edge, unique and innovative solutions for our customers every day.

Some of Our Custom Design Capabilities Include:

Simple Solutions:

✓ Scanner Mounts
✓ Phone Mounts
✓ New Payment Device Brackets
✓ Custom Brackets
✓ Height Adjustable Mounts
✓ Security/Privacy Solutions

Solutions for Everyday Needs:

✓ Price Checker Mounts
✓ Dual Monitor Mounts
✓ Tablet Mounts
✓ Time Clock Mounts
✓ Tablet with Payment Mounts
✓ Tablet with Printer Mounts

Transformative Solutions:

✓ Countertop Self-Checkout
✓ Employee/Customer Checkout Kiosk
✓ Rugged Bill Pay Kiosk
✓ Mobile POS Carts
✓ Phone Charging Base Shelf
✓ BOPIS Lockers

Contact us to help with your custom solution: