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ENS is the global leader in Payment Terminal Stands and Payment Mounting. ENS has been delivering industry leading credit card payment terminal solutions into the top global retailers and businesses for over 20 years.  With an expansive portfolio of off the shelf and custom solutions, ENS can always design and deliver the ideal product for even the most challenging retail environments.

  • checkmarkCreate an easy check-out experience for your customers
  • checkmarkENS stands are compatible with all leading payment terminal manufacturers
  • checkmarkWide variety of options available including anti-skimming, locking and charging
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Why ENS Payment Terminal Stands?

Retailers and customers are looking for a frictionless, accessible checkout experience, particularly with the prevalence of contactless payments.

Using an ENS stand protects the terminal against accidental damage, maximizes uptime and helps to create a clutter-free checkout area.  Mounting a payment device helps merchants to achieve PCI compliance by protecting the payment terminal against theft and substitution. In addition, the right stand can help achieve compliance with the American Disabilities Act, the UK Disability Discrimination Act and the European Accessibility Act Directives so that all customers, can access payment effectively.

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Create a seamless check-out experience

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Learn More About ENS Payment Terminal Stands

With a secure and mounted payment terminal stand, businesses can:

  • checkmarkEnsure customers can check-out with ease and avoid long queues
  • checkmarkEnable protection so as to avoid theft, substitution or device tampering, as per PCI-DSS requirements.
  • checkmarkImprove productivity at the point of payment

Choosing the right payment terminals for your store is an important choice and should be carefully considered. If you’re still unsure of which option is best for you and your store, check out this helpful guide, which breaks down some of the Payment Terminals in the market today.

It is important to consider the upgradability of a payment terminal mount. A mount not only needs to keep the payment device firmly in place, but needs to be able to be upgraded to support different payment terminal in future. With ENS payment terminal stands, devices can easily be upgraded with a low-cost backplate. 

To ensure that you make the right choice for your store, here are three types of payment terminal mounts to consider.

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