Payment Industry Leading Credit Card Machine Manufacturers and Popular Card Reader Terminals

Angela Barlow


Having a safe, secure, and reliable payment device, card reader, is essential for ensuring that your store can carry out credit transactions smoothly each and every day. 

To help your business stay efficient, here is a list of 4 Industry-leading credit card machine manufacturers, as well as 5 popular card readers to implement in your store today to improve your point of sales system. 


Verifone makes commerce happen. Verifone is a strong player in the payment terminal, credit card machine, industry. Verifone can accept payments anywhere, anytime. Trusted by thousands of retailers and merchants globally,to deliver secure and reliable payments, in-store and online.

Ingenico Group

Ingenico Group is shaping the future of payments for sustainable and inclusive growth.. They are a proactive world-class partner for financial institutions and retailers, from small merchants to the world’s best-known global brands. Ingenico provides an expansive portfolio of End-to-end Software Development Payment Solutions, Functional POS Implementation, Custom Terminals for POS and Marketing Software Solutions.


Whether it’s on-the-go or on the countertop, for checking out or for checking inventory, connecting with multiple POS systems or just keeping it all-in-one, the PAX Portfolio has it all. Designed to meet every payment need, PAX cutting-edge technology has merchants deploying the future in their hands.

Apple + Square

Apple is known for its cutting edge products, which spans smartphones to laptops. Apple has teamed up with Square—a payment, card reader manufacturer—to offer a simple, streamlined solution for stores. This partnership allows businesses to provide sleek, modern, card readers with an accessible user-interface for their customers. 

5 Card Readers

It should be noted that there are plenty of reliable and dependable card readers from the brands listed above. Here are a few 

Verifone e280

The e280 can be paired with any phone or tablet, or POS system as well as a variety of other accessories. This allows you to create a transaction experience that is tailored to you and your customers’ needs. 

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Verifone e285

The e285 from Verifone accepts the latest payment types and utilizes a shared software architecture to create faster and more cost-effective application development. This also creates a rich, positive customer interaction. The e285 works seamlessly with Android, iOS, and Windows.

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Ingenico Link 2500i

Designed specifically for the ability to accept all payment methods (NFC/Contactless, Apple Pay, and Google Pay), the Link 2500i can help you reduce time to market by leveraging telium applications on a smart companion. Featuring a cutting-edge design, this solution is user-oriented with its bright 2.4’’ color display, and a mechanical keypad.

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Pax A920

As Pax describes it, the A920 is “the revolutionary terminal that started it all.” One of the initial payment solutions of its kind, the A920 combines an Android tablet’s full features with a powerful POS payment terminal, all in a sleek and compact design. This solution can process both traditional and alternative payment methods, including NFC contactless, QR code scan, mobile and wallet payments, and chip, PIN, and swiping.

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Square Reader + Apple Pay and Chip Cards

The use of tap and go, card chips, and magstripes are all possible through the Square Reader + Apple Pay and Chip Card Reader. Regardless of what your customers prefer or have available, this solution can handle it. 

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Why Retail and Grocery Stores Should Be Utilizing Premium Brands

A POS system not only needs to be highly functional and reliable, but it needs to be safe and secure so you can be confident that your customers can complete transactions qucikly and securely.  When you opt for a premium payment device,  card reader, you’ll ensure that your the best customer experience. 

As you look at updating, upgrading payment device options, there are many smart, reliable and convenient options.

About ENS:

ENS Group has over 10 million products in use worldwide. And can be found in over 40 countries across the globe. We are the trusted solution in 85 of the top 100 US retailers, as well as leaders in the hospitality and financial industries. ENS also partners with some of the world’s largest technology companies to provide unique solutions for their devices.  We are proud to partner with Zebra, Toshiba, HP, Verifone, ingenico, Pax, Samsung, NCR, elo, Magtek and many others.