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ENS has a broad range of technology device solutions for health care and pharmacies that are designed to be sleek, modern and most importantly,  secure. Designed with unique specifications for these industries, ENS offers products that are designed to work across a variety of use cases, and can be customized to specific needs. ENS is continuing to innovate in this category and has exciting new solutions coming to market in 2021.

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  • FlexiPole Tab – Flexible Universal Tablet Stand

    Compatible with any tablet type – iOS, Android or Windows

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  • MPOS Enclosure (Sled) For Zebra TC5X + Ingenico Link 2500i

    Compatible with Zebra TC5X and Ingenico Link 2500i

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  • HP Monitor Wall Mount

    Compatible with HP Engage Go and HP Engage One

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  • HP Kiosk Solutions

    Compatible with HP Engage One, HP Engage Go and Honeywell 3320G Scanner

    Available in black or white

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  • Genesis Stand

    FEATURES Provides tilt and rotation to the monitor 160° Easy – Tilt 300° Easy – Swivel Available with or without the hub mounting plate

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  • Dual Double Tablet Enclosure

    Compatible with any tablet or payment solution

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  • Genesis – Tablet / Monitor Stand

    Compatible with multiple tablets, VESA monitors, and payment devices

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  • Zebra Docking Station – Zebra Tablet Mounts

    Compatible with Zebra 8″ or 10″ (Zebra ET50/55) with regular or rugged frame and any payment device

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  • Tilting HP Engage Prime Wall Mount

    Compatible with HP Engage Prime

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  • TechTower

    Compatible with any VESA compliant monitor, tablet, or payment solutions

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  • TechTower For HP Engage One – HP Monitor Stand

    Compatible with HP Engage One

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