Mobile Payment Verifone e280 Sled Enclosure & Zebra TC5X Charging Adapter

This unique and innovative Mobile Payment Sled/Enclosure from ENS Group physically and electronically pairs a Zebra TC5X with a Verifone e280 to deliver a single handheld solution that allows retailers to scan, stock check and order via the Zebra TC5X while accepting payments and completing sales through the Verifone e280.


Key Features:

  • Unique solution which seamlessly pairs computing power and payment convenience.
  • Allows customers to check-out whenever and wherever in-store.
  • Seamlessly pairs devices while allowing access to all features and functions on both devices.
  • Solution adds no thickness to paired devices.
  • Integrated, simultaneous charging of both devices from a single charger option (optional charging adapter).
  • Optional belt clip to allow device to be safely transported around the working environment.
  • Includes stylus holder.
  • Ideal for mPOS – provides mobility for line-busting or inventory management


Verifone e280

Zebra TC5X

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