Mobile Protect + Connect

Mobile Protect + Connect from ENS is the fastest, simplest and most flexible way to pair your chosen mobile payment and computing devices. Versatile, lightweight and compact, Protect + Connect solutions are ideal for mPOS use cases across a wide range of industries including Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and


  • iPod(7th Gen) SE + Verifone e280
  • iPod(7th Gen) SE + Verifone e285
  • iPod(7th Gen) SE + Ingenico Link2500
  • Honeywell CT4X + Verifone e280

Key Features:

  • Combines your choice of mobile payment with your choice of phone or mobile device
  • Each solution is a sleek yet exceptionally durable single low profile protective case
  • Quick turnaround time means production quantities delivered in weeks not months
  • Low MOQs expand customer opportunities

Mobile Protect and Connect Datasheet

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