Retail Technology for 2021: 5 Trending Solutions

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Retail in 2021 will be about enhancing the customer experience – making it easier to access the product range either physically or virtually, making it quicker and easier to pay, and crucially making the environment Covid secure. These are five trending technology solutions to utilize today.

Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Mobile point of sale (MPOS) systems are a huge growth segment in retail today; with an increasing number of new devices and innovative functionality, more and more retailers are seeing the benefits.  In traditional retail settings, this technology can be beneficial for managing queues effectively; it keeps the retail store’s efficiency high. Consumers who are only picking up one or two items can be helped quickly, and they can avoid waiting in line with an employee with a mobile POS system to check-out.

Mobile technology can also ensure that retail stores are following social distancing rules. During high traffic periods, having patrons stand six feet from one another while waiting in line can lead to extremely long queues. By bringing the check-out to consumers with fewer items, you can get them in and out faster.

Mobile POS is also increasingly popular in outdoor retail locations like lawn and garden centers and QSR drive-throughs.   

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Click and Collect, Or Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store

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Click and collect, buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS),  curbside delivery. There are many names for this type of retail solution. And in each case, there is no denying its impact on the retail industry in 2020. 

For retail stores that haven’t yet added click and collect solutions, 2021 is the year. Even as COVID-19 vaccines are on the horizon, curbside delivery is here to stay.  As recent reports have shown, consumers have embraced the convenience of curbside delivery.

There are different ways you can utilize click and collect solutions. For example, attaching a mobile POS android or iOS device to a shopping trolley with the customer’s goods, and then bring the products to the customer waiting outside in their car. The tablet can then be used to collect their card info so they can pay on the spot without ever needing to enter the store. 

Another option is using a Safe to Pay Handle or a swing-arm payment mount to ensure that distance is kept between the store employee and the consumer.

Self-Scanning and Self-Checkout Technology

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It can be difficult to discern which retail technology trends are actually going to stick around. Consumers can be hard to predict, and just like how brands need to pinpoint their target market’s preferences for products, retail stores must do the same for their customers. They must answer, “What do our shoppers want out of their shopping experience?”

Over the past several years, it has become decidedly clear that more and more customers are all-in on self-checkout options. However, many consumers—particularly older patrons—prefer using a cashier to check-out. For this reason, retail stores should still offer efficient traditional check-out options for the foreseeable future. But, there is no denying the importance of catering to shoppers running in to grab a few items and avoid lines.

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In a similar vein to self-checkout technology are kiosks, which can be used for a variety of functions in a retail space. For example, modular self-checkout (MSCO) kiosks can be integrated as part of a store into a checkout solution. In addition, they can be used as an option for customers to place orders.

For example, consider mobile theater ticket kiosks, where movie-goers can find, pay for, and receive their tickets with ease and without interacting with an employee. Pedestal Kiosks can also be used as a digital signage advertising platform, as tablets placed on kiosks can allow customers to see the latest products or promotions, or even be used as a WayFinding directory.

When it comes to the functionality of kiosks, you’re really only limited by your imagination. 

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UV-Clean Technology

As previously mentioned, the Coronavirus pandemic is still a matter of concern and consumer expectations with sanitization and hygiene efforts have been raised since COVID-19. While vaccines may be on the way, we still need to be vigilant with how we protect consumers in retail settings to ensure they are safe. Even after the pandemic has subsided, we still need to prioritize sanitization efforts in stores.

One way to do that is to utilize UV-Clean technology on devices and surfaces that receive a lot of traffic.  In its most basic sense, UV-Clean solutions kill germs and bacteria using UVC non-visible light in between uses of a payment device or other retail technology. There are many different UV-Clean solutions to integrate into your retail store. For example, the UV24-PT can be attached directly to a payment device and will clean the device after the customer is done using it.

Another solution is the UV-Clean Stand Alone unit. The Stand Alone unit allows you to regularly clean high touch items—such as phones, mobile tablets, and mobile payment devices—with low doses of UV-C light, eliminating the transfer of harmful pathogens.

ENS’ UV-Clean Solutions are a great investment for any retail business. ENS’s automated, chemical-free, 24/7 disinfecting technology is your proven ally against the spread of dangerous pathogens. 

While some technology trends come and go, these 5 are here to stay. To get started on improving your customer experience and the overall efficiency of your retail stores, reach out to ENS today.

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