Protecting Your Mobile Payment Device Against Damage

Natalya Taylor


But How and Which Option is Best?

Mobile Payment Devices from leading manufacturers, such as Ingenico, Verifone, Pax, Castles and Sunmi, now account for over 40% of all payments made by card. With card payments rapidly replacing cash, mobile payment terminals are fast becoming a critical component of the technology infrastructure of businesses across many industries whether this be Retail, Hospitality, Transport or Leisure.

Given their value, both in terms of initial financial outlay and the operational efficiency they enable, protecting these mobile devices from drop and liquid damage is vital. To ensure round-the-clock availability, it is recommended that users install some type of protective cover with the three most common being silicone, textile, and expertly moulded cases. This blog post will review each of these options in turn and will conclude with what is ultimately the most effective.

Option 1 – The Silicone Case

Often manufactured quickly and cheaply, the silicone case option is the most common found across e-business platforms. Silicone cases provide some buffer against scruffs and scrapes but crucially offer no real protection from drop damage. Without the ability to attach lanyards or belt clips, silicone covers fail to decrease the chances of the device being dropped when being transported around the workplace or passed between customers. Similarly, in circumstances where the case gets wet, the device may become difficult to hold which is yet another precursor to damage from dropping. From functional and cosmetic perspectives respectively, silicone cases often fail to provide full access to all device features and can quickly become discoloured and misshapen which in turn will not give customers the best impression of your technology and brand. Combined, these downfalls certainly place a big question mark over the efficacy of the silicone case option.

Option 2 – The Textile Case

Textile cases are also an option for your mobile payment device but are another which fall below the mark. Like silicone, textile cases offer no protection from drops and often fail to provide easy, full access to device features. In turn, they may also absorb moisture from liquids which could cause discolouration and more importantly, damage to the device itself. The only advantage of textile cases is that they often come with lanyard and belt clip options, thereby helping to reduce the chances of the device being dropped. Given their slight edge over silicone cases, it is understandable as to why textile cases are usually a little more expensive to purchase.

ENS, A Havis Company - 4 Categories of Mobile Protect Cases

Option 3 – The Expertly-Designed, Moulded Case

The final and most effective case option for mobile payment devices is specially designed moulded cases. Within this category, the Mobile Protect Line from ENS is an ideal example. Designed in partnership with leading mobile payment device manufacturers such as Pax, Verifone, Ingenico and Castles, the Mobile Protect range is comprised of four categories spanning a wide variety of mobile use cases. Each case is expertly designed and developed using a blend of materials including cutting-edge elastomers and structural composites. Adhering to standard device features, all Mobile Protect cases provide added protection and enhanced usability for the devices enclosed.

Unlike Silicone and Textile options, Mobile Protect cases from ENS provide full, unhindered access to all device features (eg: buttons, ports) and where applicable, allow device paper rolls to be changed without fully removing the case. ENS also offer bespoke charging adapters and can also design Mobile Protect cases to work with OEM chargers.

So, although they come with a slightly higher price tag, Mobile Protect cases are of far superior quality, functionality and longevity.

Mobile Protect – Key Features:

  • Four categories suited for a variety of industries and mobile use cases: Mobile Protect + Charge, Protect + Go, Protect + Pair, Protect + Connect.
  • Expertly designed for each payment terminal to ensure the tightest fit between the device and case.
  • Raised lip offers protection from liquid damages, drops and scratches.
  • Tactile elastomer edges for improved grip experience – reduced likelihood of device being dropped.
  • Constructed using high quality materials to create a durable, long-lasting solution.
  • Unhindered access to all key features and functions (eg: slots for card entry, scanner availability, printer paper changing, device charging).
  • Lanyard and belt clip options offer added security for transporting device safely around the working environment.
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty.

The Mobile Protect Portfolio is available worldwide via our business partner network. For more information or to discuss your particular requirements, please visit our website or contact us here.

So, which protective cover is best?

From this blog, it should be clear that expertly designed, moulded cases such as the ENS Mobile Protect line are the superior and most reliable option for protecting your valuable mobile payment devices. Don’t miss out – explore the Mobile Protect Line today!