FlexiPole Backplates for Pax

The FlexiPole portfolio of payment terminal stands is extremely versatile. Simply choose the correct device-specific backplate for your PAX terminal.

Current Pax Backplates:

  • Pax S80
  • Pax S300
  • Pax S800
  • Pax A80*
  • Pax A920*
  • Pax A920 PRO*
  • Pax Aries 6/8

If your device is not listed above, please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

*This Metal Backplate Product is not compatible with the original FlexiPole Stands and Mounts – identified by having detachable handles, sold prior to 2017, and having product numbers ending in 101:

ASS10101 / ASS30101 / ASS60101 / ASS80101 / ASS90101 / ASSC0101 / ASSB0101 / ASSD0101

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