FlexiGrip – Universal mPOS POS Mount

A versatile and universal mounting solution, FlexiGrip can support a wide range of card payment terminals and is ideal for retailers who may wish to change their payment technology frequently and maintain their independence in terms of their choice of payment terminal.

With a small lip at the foot of the mounting platform and arms with foam ‘grippers’, FlexiGrip offers a durable and secure mounting solution. The FlexiGrip DuoLock is also available, offering an extra firm grip for larger payment devices.

Adjustable arms hold the payment terminal in place with high friction foam grippers that can accommodate devices between 6.5 cm to 11.5 cm wide.



  • Adjustable to accommodate a wide range of payment terminal types.
  • Easily switch out and upgrade your payment technology.
  • Create the best possible check-out experience for your customer.
  • Minimise workspace/check-out clutter.
  • Protects your investment by protecting your PINPad and cables from damage, theft and interference.
  • Helps you to comply with accessibility/disability regulations and PCI DSS/P2PE security requirements.


FlexiGrip Datasheet

FlexiPole Quick Reference Guide





Compatible with payment terminal devices between 6.5cm and 11.5cm wide.

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