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ENS Group established themselves as an industry leader in Modular Mounting solutions with the TechTower range. Modular solutions provide durable technology mounting of equipment while minimizing use of valuable counter space. These retail Modular Mounts are available in multiple configurations and can be modified and updated to accommodate additional or new devices, making these solutions future proof.

ENS’ newest Modular Mounting solution, the MM-1000 series, incorporates a new generation of engineered materials for a durable and strong, yet modern looking POS solution. Designed to be great value, easy to order, easy to install.

  • checkmarkNew innovative cable management design hides and protects your cables and device ports
  • checkmark Product Configurator to easily order exactly what you need
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MM-1000 POS Display in Grocery/Retail

Why Modular Mounting?

The challenge for retailers when implementing technology is how to maximize limited space to mount that technology, while ensuring it is secure, ergonomic and easy to use.

Installed modular mounting solutions are often upgraded to utilize new technology. Modular solutions like the new MM-1000 and TechTower provide multiple components and accessories to make updates and new configurations easy.

Work with ENS to find the best Modular Solution for your unique needs.

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ENS Modular Mounting Solutions

MM-1000 for New Installations

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MM-1000 for Existing Pole Upgrades

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TechTower Telescoping Monitor Mount

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Use our MM-1000 Product Configurator to easily order exactly what you need

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Modular Mounting

  • checkmarkExtreme modularity features allow you to create a configuration that lifts your Monitors, Payment Terminal, Printer and Scanner off the countertop
  • checkmarkThe ENS Extruded Pole can mount more devices as it allows attachment on all four sides
  • checkmarkA great value that is easy to order and readily available!

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