Mobile Payment in Hospitality

Natalya Taylor


The use of mobile payment terminals in Hospitality environments has increased post-Covid to become the de facto standard globally. The increasing use of drive-thrus and pay-at-table has been driven by the choice of terminals available and their increased functionality. In turn, the traditional market leaders, Ingenico and Verifone, have been joined by Pax, Castles and Sunmi in the mobile payment terminal market.

Nowadays, the majority of mobile payment terminals use the Android operating system. This allows for the optional addition of other applications to the device, enabling them to run applications ranging from full blown hospitality epos applications to smaller focused applications such as customer surveys.

The mobile payment terminal can in effect be the most important item of technology in the Hospitality environment, not only taking payment but also being able to run applications which add value for both end users and customers.

Verifone ENV 004 1

Protecting mobile payment terminals from damage is critical, particularly where the number of devices available in the outlet is small. Being without a payment terminal could effectively, in the worst-case scenario, result in temporary closure and therefore, lost revenue. Whilst there is a considerable range of solutions on the market to protect these devices, such as low-end silicone cases, none of these offer any adequate protection against accidental drops and can in some scenarios even make the devices difficult to hold.

Working with both mobile payment terminal manufacturers and end users, ENS has developed an innovative line of protective solutions which will ensure increased availability of mobile payment terminals.

The Mobile Protect line from ENS is comprised of four categories of protective mobile cases for a wide (and increasing) range of mobile payment terminals. ENS’ Mobile Protect cases are uniquely designed to protect payment devices from drop damage via wraparound impact absorption strips.

Mobile Protect Line For Blog Post 1
Mobile Protect Line from ENS, A Havis Company
Top Row: Mobile Protect & Pair (left), Mobile Protect & Connect (right)
Bottom Row: Mobile Protect & Charge (left), Mobile Protect & Go (right)

Mobile Protect cases provide the user with an improved grip experience and can also accommodate a lanyard and/or belt clips to make them even easier and safer to carry around the working environment. Likewise, protecting devices from liquid damage, for instance – when they are left on a surface when not in use, can also be addressed by attaching the device to a fixed ENS Payment Terminal Stand solution, such as any of those from the popular FlexiPole range.

ENS Mobile Protect Cases are currently available for the following devices:

  • Pax A77
  • Pax A920/A920 Pro
  • Castles S1F2
  • Castles S1E
  • Ingenico Link/2500
  • Ingenico EX8000
  • Verifone e285

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us here.