Mobile Payment Solutions

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ENS’ Mobile payment portfolio offers a range of solutions, from protective cases to fully-integrated pairing sleds. Creating an unparalleled mobile experience, the Mobile Protect Case line leads the industry and offers both Protect & Charge, Protect & Go, Protect & Pair, and Protect & Connect options.

· Compatible with technology from leading providers such as Verifone, Ingenico, PAX, Castles, Zebra, Honeywell & Apple

· Protect and secure your mobile devices with the ENS Mobile Protect Case

· Enhance productivity and customer experience

Why Go Mobile with ENS?

Mobile payment now accounts for almost 50% of transactions in retail.

Mobile payment solutions can enable retail staff to instantly access detailed product information, real-time inventory, customer preferences, payment options and more, from anywhere in the store. Equipping retail associates with mobile devices empowers them to excel at customer service. In addition, mobile technology can also assist and simplify tasks such as inventory management.

The use of Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) solutions by sales associates can lead to a 92% higher sales growth rate than non-mobile POS competitors.

As many as 39% of consumers have abandoned a shopping trip due to long checkout lines. MPOS solutions can help to reduce this number.

The use of Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) technology helps to increase the number of products that consumers end up purchasing.

Over 84% of consumers seek help from store associates they see using Mobile POS technology, giving the opportunity to engage the customer.

Mobile Payment Solutions

If you’re want to learn more about the different mobile payment solutions that are available to you and your business, contact ENS Group for help and advice. Whether you’d like to understand our mobile credit card payment solutions and choose an existing product that will work for you, or you’re looking at our custom-product options to partner with us to create something specific to your needs, our team can help. At ENS, we pride ourselves on providing mobile payment solutions that are designed to be attractive, reliable and durable so you can rest assured that both your staff and your customers have a superior payment experience. With mobile point of sale technology being proven to increase the amount of products your customers are purchasing, investing in the latest technology will deliver an excellent return on investment. Investing in Mobile POS payment is important to engage, keep and develop your customer relationships, so ENS Group will make sure you are offering the best mobile card payment solutions.

Mobile POS payment solutions are here to stay. ENS continues to design new and exciting mobile payment solutions, so here you can find the product options that will work for you. From MPOS enclosures for Verifone and Zebra models as well as solutions compatible with Apple iPod & Apple iPad we will provide a solution that is compatible with the devices that you use in your store. We also provide accessories for MPOS solutions including belt clips & lanyards for busy store associates and charging adapters to ensure the devices are fully charged for use.


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