How Self Check-Outs Can Boost Sales and Customer Retention

Natalya Taylor


The self-service checkout has fast become an integral part of today’s retail landscape, with many stores now having dedicated, and seemingly ever-expanding, self check-out areas. Take any of the UK’s leading supermarkets for instance – it is not uncommon to pay a visit and find that the number of self check-out kiosks has increased. So, despite research having found that many still prefer traditional manned check-outs, businesses would be wise to note that a significant number of consumers are also increasingly drawn to the ‘do-it-yourself’ option.


So, what does this mean for business?

With consumer preference for self check-outs on the rise and with self-service areas having become such an integral, often taken-for-granted element of the retail landscape, businesses ought to remain aware of the multitude of benefits that these kiosks can bring.

In-Store Productivity

With fewer store colleagues needed for self-service compared to traditional manned check-outs, businesses can dedicate more time to ensuring stores are clean, tidy and well-stocked. Likewise, with fewer required to man the check-out area, more staff members can be made available to handle customer service queries throughout the store thereby helping to increase sales, customer experience and ultimately, customer retention.

Enhanced Customer Experience and Customer Retention

Due to the limit on the number of items which is often enforced, self-service checkouts often tend to have shorter queues and are generally perceived by consumers as the faster, more efficient option. Likewise, with smartphones and ‘hustle culture’ now a prominent part of many consumers’ lives, many now multitask, completing in-store visits whilst on the phone or listening to music, audiobooks and the like. As such, self-service kiosks allow consumers to achieve an uninterrupted in-store experience. Additionally, in the era of Covid-19 and beyond, it is likely that many consumers will appreciate the ability to eliminate human contact where possible during their shopping experience.

Drive Sales and Brand Messaging

As with traditional check-outs, self-service kiosks can also be another potential opportunity to boost sales and revenue. Unlike manned check-outs whereby staff are encouraged to suggest additional products and special offers to customers (potentially running the risk of seeming overbearing and pushy), self check-outs provide a more subtle way to upsell consumers. In turn, with various places to display signage, self check-outs can also be an ideal way to reinforce brand messaging.

Why ENS Group for Self Check-Out Kiosks?

With over 20 years’ experience as the industry leader in point of sale solutions, ENS Group offer a wide range of sleek, innovative and high quality kiosks and are the trusted solution provider of many of the world’s most recognisable retailers. In addition to our slimline kiosks, countertop self check-out and our highly versatile Modular Self Check-Out (MSCO), ENS Group are excited to offer an all-new, wall-mounted self-service option – the HP Self Check-Out.

HP SCO Solution

Designed and manufactured by ENS Group in collaboration with HP, this all-new wall mounted self check-out provides a sleek, durable and efficient self-service solution. Suitable for use across a range of industries whether it be retail, grocery or hospitality, the HP SCO is ideal for queue-busting and for creating an organised and streamlined retail environment. With 15° tilt for optimum user experience, the HP Self Check-Out also houses the HP Engage One Printer, Datalogic 1500i, as well as any payment terminal. Plus, to provide that added peace of mind for both customers and staff, ENS Group’s highly effective UV Clean solutions can also be added for 24/7 rapid, safe and automated disinfection of both the touchscreen and payment device.

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