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Out of all the industries that were adversely affected by COVID-19, the hospitality industry may have initially taken the most damage.

However, recent reports have shown that the industry is making a comeback. In addition, news of Pfizer’s potential COVID vaccine suggests that a return to normalcy isn’t too far off.

Of course, there will be the “new normal,” as many COVID precautions continue long after the virus has been eradicated. Today, we’ll be talking about some of those precautions and how you can integrate them into your point of sales system to get the most out of it. We’ll also be discussing some other practical applications that you should include in your point of sales system today.

Functionality Improvements

From a functionality standpoint, there are a few key improvements you may be able to make.

First, take stock of your POS devices mounts and stands. Are they secure? Are you able to efficiently power your devices on the stand or mount?

If your POS devices are lacking in the functionality department, then it’s worth looking into upgrading.

There are some high quality and reliable stand solutions available on the market today. For example, the FlexiPole Plus works with new devices to accommodate cables with large hard-wired connectors. It includes an adjustable pivot tension with a user dial—allowing you to customize it based on your devices and store layout.

Another potential upgrade is incorporating a Tech Tower into your POS system. The Tech Tower has a modular design and is easily customizable. Robust and durable, the tower prevents monitors from bouncing and keeps them sturdy. With cables and connectors that route through the pole, you can connect all your devices seamlessly to create a congruent and convenient POS system.

Safety and Cleaning Integrations

Keeping your customers safe should remain a priority from here on out. Not only does doing so mitigate the chance of another widespread disease, but it can also help keep patrons and employees healthy from more common viruses like the cold and flu. It’s safe to say that, from here on out, businesses operating in the hospitality industry will continue to prioritize the health of their patrons even more so than before COVID.

Incorporating cleaning solutions into your point of sales systems is likely something you’ve done already, but the tools you’re using to keep your technology clean can likely be improved.

For example, one common way in which retail stores, grocery stores, and restaurants are cleaning their POS systems is with a spray bottle of disinfectant and a rag or paper towels. As long as the disinfectant is strong enough, screens and card readers will be free from germs and bacteria.

However, the problem with this method is that you’re running the risk of ruining your devices. It’s not uncommon for the liquid from the disinfectant to seep into the technology and completely ruin it. The ramifications of even a single faulty POS system could prove costly. First, there is the initial cost of replacing it. Second, you run the risk of long lines at your checkout if there is an influx of customers but a lack of proper POS systems. In the age of COVID, keeping lines short and getting customers in and out of your store efficiently is essential.

So, if using spray bottles and paper towels can lead to issues, what is the best way to keep your devices clean while still cycling through customers fast? That’s where ENS’ UV-Clean solutions come into play.

Around the world, UV-C light is being used to eradicate harmful bacteria. This includes antibiotic-resistant viruses (such as Coronavirus and MERS), Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Enterococcus (VRE), as well as E. coli, difficile, Proteus spp, Klebsiella spp, and Listeria spp.

With ENS’ UV-Clean solutions, you can take advantage of this powerful, non-visible light to keep your customers and employees safe. UV-Clean technology produces a UVC light that inactivates bacteria and viruses at the cellular level, preventing them from multiplying and causing infection. With a 99.99% eradication of bacteria, viruses, and molds, you can be confident that your POS system is safe and clean for all to use.

Our solutions also incorporate a ‘Passive Infrared Proximity Sensor,’ which ensures that cleaning stops when motion is detected within the UV ‘cone’ and then starts again once motion is not detected within the UV ‘cone.’

Here are some ways in which you can utilize these solutions:

UV24-PT For Card Readers

To ensure that card readers are clean and ready to use in between customers, use this UV-Clean solution. No more running the risk of ruining a device. With the UV24-PT, you can be sure that your devices are safe without risking water damage.

The UV24-MM+ For Touchscreens and Monitors

If your business utilizes touchscreens and monitors—whether at your POS system or in the back offices—keeping those devices clean is made easy with the UV24-MM+.

The Stand Alone For Tablets, Cell Phones, Restaurant Menus

The Stand Alone unit requires minimal assembly; just attach the head unit to the stand. With high touch items, a regular cleaning with low doses of UV-C light eliminates the transfer of harmful pathogens.

Keeping You Keyboard Clean With the UV24-KB Keyboard Mount

Think about how many employees may use a single keyboard in your back office or at a register. With the keyboard mount from ENS, any germs will be eradicated after each use, making the space clean for the next user.

Drive-Thru Safety Solutions

Drive-thru and curbside delivery are popular right now and may continue to maintain their relevance even after COVID.

Here are some potential options for how to get the most out of your curbside and drive-thru POS systems.

Drive-Thru Handle

A drive-thru or Safe to Pay Handle is a great way to limit contact between your employees and customers while safely going through transactions.

Stand Alone For Headsets

The aforementioned Stand Alone UV-Clean solution is also a perfect fit for headsets. Before a headset is used by another person, place it on the Stand Alone for a quick and thorough clean.

If you’re interested in learning more about our products and how they can help build out a more reliable, functional, and safe POS system for your hospitality business, reach out to ENS today!


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