Forklift Tablet Mounts

Angela Barlow


What They Are, Why You Might Need One & How To Choose

Warehouse efficiency is paramount to the overall success of a business. Whether it’s a retail or grocery store or a large clothing or consumer goods brand, the warehouse is where overall organization efficiency can be significantly improved or hindered.

Many different details go into a warehouse’s logistics, each of them as important as the next. For example, looking for ways to maximize and optimize space by thinking vertically with inventory, adopting lean inventory strategies, and utilizing new warehouse devices are all ways in which you can improve warehouse productivity.

When it comes to warehouse devices, it’s essential to know how to use them and where to use them. In this article, we’re going to discuss the importance of forklift mounts for your warehouse devices and why you should integrate them into your warehouse today.

What Are Forklift Mounts and Why Does My Warehouse Need Them?

forklift tablet mount

Material handling or forklift mounts, holders, and bases are a simple solution for allowing forklift operators and warehouse employees to utilize your new warehouse devices. Reliable forklift mounts will be versatile and can attach to various shapes (and even different locations throughout your warehouse—not just on forklifts).

To understand what makes forklift mounts so essential, let’s look at an example of a warehouse without these mounts. This particular warehouse just invested in picking devices, but the company didn’t invest in forklift mounts. So, when employees are driving around the warehouse, they have to place the device in their lap or on the seat next to them.

Doing so can result in distracted forklift driving, which can be dangerous, as well as wasted time. Utilizing a forklift mount would allow the warehouse crew to see where they need to go without taking their eyes off what’s in front of them. This results in saved time and a safer warehouse for all.

Choosing the Right Forklift Mount For Your Warehouse

Not all mounts are created equal. Also, the functionality and needs of each warehouse vary from company to company. So, before you choose your forklift mount, ask yourself these questions:

Is the Mount Compatible With Multiple Devices?

Be wary of choosing mounts that only work with specific devices. While it will work great for the first year or two, if you ever swap out devices or run into issues with your current device and need to upgrade, you’ll also have to upgrade your mount. Finding an option that is compatible with multiple devices is key to getting the most out of your investment.

Is it Easy to Use?

Ease of use should also be factored into your decision. The last thing you and your warehouse team want is a clunky mount that gets jammed and is difficult to take the device in and out of. Ideally, the mount should make it seamless to both lock-in and take out the device, as there will be times when employees will need to use it outside of the forklift. Seeing the mount in action and testing it before signing on for a bulk purchase is also a wise decision.

Is it Built to Last?

Because they will be used every day, the mounts need to be built to withstand the typical warehouse’s wear and tear. Engineered polymer allows and advanced composite are examples of materials that provide durability in addition to functionality.

Can it Be Attached to Multiple Structures?

We touched on this, but it’s worth repeating. It’s essential that the mount you choose can be adaptable not just with the devices it supports but the structures it can attach to. A one-dimensional mount means you’ll likely need to source from other warehouse mount providers. By finding a versatile mount, you can keep your warehouse mount ecosystem simple and consistent.

Looking For a Versatile, Functional, and Durable Warehouse Mount? Try the New WL-1000

For a warehouse and forklift mount that does it all, look no further than ENS’s new WL-1000 Warehouse Arm, our latest one-size-fits-all solution for all your warehouse mounting needs.

With the WL-1000—which accepts AMPS and VESA mounting patterns—you and your warehouse team will be able to attach devices to multiple structures. In addition to its infinite adjustability, this mount is also easy to use.

To learn more about how WL-1000 can help you meet your customers’ demand, reach out to ENS today

Key features of the WL-1000 include: 

  • Engineered polymer alloys and advanced composite materials for durability and superior functionality.
  • A universal clamp attaches to any square, rectangular, or round structure up to 4” and allows back-to-back arm mounting.
  • An extender that seamlessly lengthens the arm from 4” to 8”.
  • Button macro adjustments and captive hardware make installation and device positioning both quick and easy. 
  • And more.