FlexiPole Upgrades 2020/2021

Angela Barlow


Earlier in 2020, a large supermarket chain in the UK went through an upgrade. Anticipating end of life of their Verifone VX820 PINPads and staying ahead on PCI compliance, they shifted to Verifone’s new Engage platform with the PCI 5.0 certified P200 PINPad. This had the added benefit of modernising their point of sale with Verifone’s updated design and full colour display.

This existing customer first installed FlexiPole stands throughout their stores in 2014 – at approximately 800 locations. The modular design of the FlexiPole solution allowed the customer to choose from a number of different stand types. They opted for our quick-release stand with tilt and swivel. That was paired with our custom backplate for the VX820 and they were up and running. In addition, this customer was looking for a specific colour of stand in order to match in with their store design. ENS were able to do this and the customer was delighted with the result.

Fast forward 6 years and the supermarket made the change to the next generation for card acceptance.

The original FlexiPole stands had been installed by the 3rd party engineering firm the stores use for all POS installations including their whole till system – drilling the stands into their till point securely. In order to avoid having the engineers back on-site in all stores, with an average of 6 lanes per store, utilising the FlexiPole modularity was the obvious answer. It’s no coincidence that our product is called a FLEXIPole! The solution offers a huge amount of flexibility after it is installed. In this instance, keeping the stand in place, untouched, and simply adding a new backplate made specifically for the P200 device was all that was required. This could easily be done by staff in the store, avoiding expensive out of hours engineer fees. The old backplate is removed by removing the PED from the stand using the quick release mechanism and then removing 2 screws. The old backplate could then be discarded.

Taking the new PINPad, the new backplate was attached with 2 screws and then simply clicked into place in the existing stand. Cables that could be re-used for the new PINPad remained routed through the pole at the till point. This resulted in a simple, low-cost upgrade path for this customer’s POS mounting equipment. Using this upgrade path rather this purchasing new stands provided significant savings in mounting hardware alone, let along engineer fees.

If you have FlexiPoles installed and need to upgrade your payment device, get in touch to find out how simple and low cost it is to upgrade.

Written by: Angela Barlow

Product Manager – Payment Terminal Stands and Mobile Solutions


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