ENS Stand Upgrades

Angela Barlow


Back in 2014, a large chain of Home Improvement stores in the US engaged with ENS to provide mounting solutions for their point of sale payment terminals. They had recently selected Ingenico’s iSC250 to be deployed throughout the store system and needed to have these PEDs mounted and secured on the cash wrap.  This large project was rolled out over a 12-month period with a robust low-profile stand, able to cope with this high volume and at times harsh point of sale environment.

Fast forward 5 years, and the chain was ready to upgrade the payment devices in 2019. They would be moving from their iSC250 PIN Pad to Ingenico’s PCI-PTS 5.0 certified Lane/7000 device.

Working with their local sales rep, who they had built a relationship with for over 10 years, the project got underway. ENS was able to provide conversion kits for existing stands. Using these, the upper section of the stand can be replaced, leaving the base untouched. Even after 5 years of heavy use, these bases will continue to provide the solid platform required for large signature capture POS devices going forward.

Our customer had anticipated an issue with power plugs being removed, so asked ENS to tailor the design to include an extended plate that would keep the power supply in place, even if the screws which should be used were not installed – in their experience, these often go missing during maintenance etc. The solution ENS created gave an extra degree of security and stability for power cables and peace of mind for the customer.

This custom solution was designed, finalised, and signed off on by the customer within 8-10 weeks.  Their deployment was able to begin on time and roll out as scheduled.

The key points of this project from the customer’s standpoint were:

  • ENS’ ability to understand their specific needs and customize a solution, quickly and effectively
  • Time and money saved switching upper assembly versus installing a new stand
  • Money saved purchasing a new upper assembly versus an entire new stand

Written by: Angela Barlow

Product Manager – Payment Terminal Stands and Mobile Solutions


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