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Two new words “Social Distancing” have entered global common usage over the past 11 weeks. In simple terms stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people all the time. The ENS group, with the Safe to Pay handle, can ensure that this distance is maintained when making card payments.

Utilising our experience as the global leaders in payment mounts, we have designed a payment handle supporting all major payment devices (both wired and mobile) to enable the cashier to be over 6ft from the customer when their arm is extended. The handle is built with light but retail-hardened composite material to ensure that the handle is easy to use; this reduces considerably any chance of Repetitive Strain Injury on the wrist and elbow.

The Safe to Pay Handle is designed for easy cable management for wired payment terminals, this will help reduce maintenance call-out costs for damaged cables. Using the solution in-store, people in wheelchairs can easily complete payment transactions and maintain social distancing – it also enables ADA & disability access compliance.

In restaurants, trains, and planes where the cashier may need to stretch across tables & seats with their mobile payment terminal, the handle allows the terminal to be easily accessible to the customer with the social distance maintained, keeping customers and colleagues safe.

The optional wall mount allows the handle to be securely stored when not in use, including the ability to add a tether to secure the device to the wall mount.

The design of the solution means that upgrading to a different PIN Pad is easy and low cost, with no need to buy another handle or wall mount.

To conclude, using our Safe to Pay Handle in Drive-Thru and in In-store environments, social distancing can be maintained safely when payment transactions take place whilst also delivering crucial customer usability and service benefits – showing that the store cares about customers.

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Written by: Colin Mackie

Sales & Marketing Manager EMEA & ROW


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