Leading The Change To A Safe Working & Retail Environment

Angela Barlow



Loch Leven’s Larder is an award-winning, 120 seater restaurant,
deli and retail business with idyllic views over the loch and
surrounding hills. Adapting the business to be Covid safe for
customers & staff was the management priority of summer.

Social distancing was encouraged with clear signage and
customer flow directions, tables in the restaurant were reduced and
screens were installed at the point of purchase for customers.
To ensure all technology was free of bacteria and viruses ENS
Group UV Clean solutions were installed in the premises. On the
touchscreens in the retail food hall, textile shop, and café the uv24
monitor mounts were installed. This ensures that the touchscreens
are cleaned automatically after every transaction by staff members,
particularly useful as staff were reporting the screen not responding
well to gloved hands or hands still slightly wet with hand sanitizer.

The UV-PT solution for payment terminals is installed to ensure the
payment terminal is cleaned automatically after use by every customer.

LLL 71 1

The UV Clean standalone solution ensures that all mobile devices
including tablets and mobiles are cleaned after use by staff .

LLL 36 1

Installation of the UV Clean solutions has ensured virus and bacteria free
technology after every use, enabled staff to concentrate on customer
service instead of cleaning technology surfaces and eliminated the risk
of damage to technology of manual cleaning by disinfection liquids.

UV Clean technology has enabled Loch Leven’s Larder to be able to
inform customers and staff that use of the instore technology is safe.