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ENS has been delivering industry leading credit card payment terminal solutions into the top global retailers for 20 years, delivering the ideal product for even the most challenging retail environments.
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Retailers and customers are looking for a frictionless, accessible checkout experience, particularly with the prevalence of contactless payments. Mounting your payment device helps merchants achieve PCI compliance by protecting the payment terminal against theft and substitution. In addition, mounting payment technology appropriately helps achieve ADA/DDA compliance so all customers, including wheelchair users, can have the same checkout experience. Using an ENS stand protects the terminal against accidental damage, maximizes uptime and helps to create a clutter-free checkout area.

Each stand type supports all major terminal vendors including Ingenico, Verifone, Pax and more. Click on the stand solution to find out more.







Changing your payment device does not mean changing your entire stand. ENS have options to minimize costs and disruption, leaving your base untouched while upgrading your stand to support new devices. Upgrading is simple, cutting your installation costs. Read our insights which talk through how ENS have already helped customers through this process.






Stand Options

UV Clean

Add automated UV-C disinfection to your stand at the point of purchase or retrofit it to stands already installed on the field. UV-PT is available for all payment terminal stands and automatically disinfects high touch areas such as PIN entry keypads. Learn more.

Glue Pads

Simplify installation by adding a glue pad to your stand. High bond adhesive ensures a secure fixing to appropriate surfaces where screw mounting is either not possible or not desired.

Wall Mount

Our customers’ point of sale environments vary significantly, therefore our mounting solutions are tailored to suit all needs. Where customers want the payment device up, off the counter, wall mount solutions are available.



Securing your device against tamper or substitution is a key element of PCI compliance. Taking a proactive approach to security will stop card data from being accessed, avoiding headline-grabbing data breaches which come with significant costs, including brand damage. ENS stands have a number of options for security including locks, tethers and brackets to protect against skimming. Choose the right solution for your environment.



Secure your payment device by locking it in place.


Anti-skimming brackets stop overlays which capture cardholder data from being added to payment terminals.


This visible theft-deterrent secures the device whist still allowing the quick release feature of the stand to be used.


With over 20 years’ experience in retail and hospitality, ENS is the best partner to create custom solutions. Whether you need to improve operational efficiency, increase customer and colleague safety or gain advantage over your competitors, ENS can help design and deliver custom solutions to your exact requirements.

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