ENS Group Delivers Mobile POS & Payment Solution

Monica Anderson


Back in 2016, a large retailer came to us with a requirement. They needed a single mobile POS device.

At a higher level, the organization had been looking at how to ensure that customers never left the store without making a purchase – even if what they were looking for was not in stock. They made use of their mobile computing devices to check stock, but they could not complete the customer journey with a payment transaction easily. Pairing these two devices together meant that associates around the store could help customers find what they needed online, order it for home delivery and take payment.

The Case Study


The retailer already had 2 devices: the Verifone e355 for payment and the Zebra TC51 for computing. They needed these devices to be paired together physically for ease of use and from an operational standpoint, if the devices stay together the Bluetooth connection remains in place. They had experienced Bluetooth being ‘touchy’ and re-pairing was wasting a lot of their colleagues’ time.

When it came to charging the devices, they needed to remain together (not disturbing the Bluetooth connection) but they also wanted to minimise clutter in the back office and only had a limited number of power outlets available. Ensuring regular charging of these devices was critical to the running of their store so ENS needed to make this process as easy as possible. ENS created a charging cup that allowed the retailer to use their existing Zebra chargers. The ENS cups simply clip on top of the charger and allowed the combined devices to ‘drop in’ and charge simultaneously.


The design aim for the pairing sled was to avoid adding excess bulk or weight to the combined solution – these rugged devices, when combined, are not lightweight. Practical issues were addressed with the creation of a belt clip which attaches to the Zebra TC51 side of the powerful combination, giving the devices a home when not in use and minimising inconvenience for the associate. The sled that pairs the devices adds only 0.02”/0.5mm to the stacked depth, a small price to pay for the benefits the solution gives.

The solution was designed and rolled out on schedule and the retailer now have over 10,000 solutions deployed in stores throughout North America.

Written by: Angela Barlow

Product Manager – Payment Terminal Stands and Mobile Solutions

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