What Makes a Good POS & Display Mount?

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When deciding how to best mount point of sale (POS) displays and linked peripherals such as payment terminals, printers and scanners in Retail and/or Hospitality settings, it is crucial to choose a technology mounting partner with the experience and range of solutions to facilitate the optimal ergonomic solution. As the industry leader, ENS, A Havis Company has expertly designed a complete family of solutions which address all potential requirements that our partners and customers need to achieve secure, ergonomic and reliable technology mounting at their point of sale.

MM 1000

Expert Design

When deciding on the best POS/Display Mounting Solution for your business, one of the most crucial elements is its design and construction. At ENS, our Engineering team focus on ensuring our solutions are high quality in terms of both their design and their material constitution. For instance, the MM-1000 Modular Mount features a new generation of engineered materials (polyamide alloy) whilst TechTower boasts high-quality steel. No matter the material, ENS mounts have a long product lifecycle. The design of all three solutions in the family is aesthetic and sleek, delivering a professional, modern look and feel to all kinds of checkout/workstation designs.

For the end user, ENS solutions are flexible, customizable and highly configurable. This means that users can easily update and switch out technology to take advantage of new hardware and software offerings. In turn, users can configure the ideal set-up for their business – whether they need one or two monitors, a certain number of POS peripherals or additional security – ENS can provide it.

Aside from their adaptability and easy installation, the crux of ENS POS & Display Solutions is the unique way we manage hardware cables to ensure they are hidden yet easy to access. With cables safely tucked away and technology securely mounted above the work surface, our solutions help to make best use of valuable checkout/workstation space and help to ensure optimum levels of organisation and productivity.

Having collaborated with many of the Global Top 100 Retail and Hospitality Firms, as well as a large number of major technology providers, our customers and partners know that with ENS, anything is possible.

Meeting Requirements

ENS POS & Display Solutions are designed to meet the specifications and requirements of all checkout environments, from distributed Grocery checkouts to Restaurant and Takeaway fixed POS. To assist with regulatory compliance, our mounting solutions are expertly designed and tested by customers worldwide to ensure that they are easy for both associates and customers to use and ultimately, to ensure that PCI and ADA standards are met.

In turn, ENS POS & Display solutions also support the new generation of POS displays which are significantly heavier than their predecessors. For instance, the DM-1000 is expertly designed to accommodate these new, heavier displays whether this be in single or dual mounting configurations.

DM 1000

Ease of Ordering & Installation

Through close collaboration with our Technology Partners (eg: NCR, HP, Toshiba, Diebold Nixdorf), ENS proactively identifies key trends so as to develop seamless solutions which allow customers to take advantage of trends and make best possible use of their technology. For ENS clients worldwide, our innovative POS Mounting Solutions enhance their chosen technology by making it easier to install and by addressing key functionality requirements.

To further help our partners and end users, we offer an easy-to-use Product Configurator (for MM-1000) alongside a plethora of useful demonstration and training materials. Together, these tools make it easier for ENS customers to identify, order and install exactly what they need quickly and efficiently.

So, with a comprehensive portfolio of mounting solutions suited for a wide range of requirements, ENS delivers on our commitment to helping our customers achieve the most effective use of their POS hardware. For more information on any of the solutions in the ENS POS & Display Mount Family, click here.


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