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UV Clean is currently being trialled in your local Well Pharmacy.

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What is UV Clean and how does UV Clean work?

UV-Clean technology uses motion sensing to produce a non-visible UVC light which ultimately works to eradicate 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and mould at the cellular level.

Where can UV Clean be used?

ENS’ UV Clean technology has a number of applications. For example – we offer UV Clean solutions for monitors, touchscreens, mobile devices and payment terminals.

Why should I use UV Clean?

Independent lab test results have shown UV Clean to be significantly more effective than manual cleaning with traditional liquid disinfectants. With UV Clean, you can save staff time, achieve higher hygiene levels and avoid costly damage to technological devices which often occurs following the use of liquid cleaners.

"Patients are happy to use the automated check-in system when advised that it is clean and protected by ENS' UV Clean technology". Susane Hogarth, Practice Manager, NHS Scotland
"UV Clean from ENS is an excellent addition to our goal of COVID security". Catrin Aherne, General Manager, The Clink
"UV Clean has enabled us to inform customers and staff that the use of in-store technology is safe". , , Loch Leven's Larder