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ENS has been designing rugged and durable products into the warehouse space for over 20 years. As an extension to this portfolio, we are excited to announce the WL-1000, the next game-changing warehouse solution.


Made with the latest advancements in engineered composite materials, the WL-1000 is easy to order, easy to install, and built for the long haul.


✓ Durable, dependable solutions that have withstood the test of time

✓ Compelling catalog of offerings with world class customization capabilities


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Industrial Mounts for Forklifts and Their Importance in the Warehouse Environment

Industrial mounts, holders, and bases are a critical solution for allowing forklift operators and warehouse employees to utilize multiple warehouse devices.

It is beneficial to utilize mounts that can be attached to various poles and structures as well as different locations throughout the warehouse.

Things to consider when mounting technology in Warehouse:

1. Location of mount

The type of mount you purchase may depend on where you plan to have it located in the forklift itself. Some mounts require drilling into the forklift, while others use clamps. Ease of installation is key.

2. Powering the device

Think about how to make sure your mount supports best use case for your devices. Rugged tablets were designed to have long lasting batteries, but if you are running multiple applications at once all day, you may want to consider using a direct power source that can be wired to your forklift with easy access to critical device features.

3. Peripherals needed

Make sure the mount you are considering is compatible any peripherals your business may need. Ease of use and reduced number of skus make life easier.

4. Work environment

The type of environment your forklift is exposed to also impacts the type of mounting solution that would work best. Industrial mounts that are vibration and weather tested are best suited for forklifts that are exposed to the elements.

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WL-1000 Series

Bringing Rugged Technology Mounting To The Next Level

The WL-1000 Series by ENS is the easiest, most durable and flexible technology mounting system in the industry. Made with the latest advancements in engineered composite materials, the WL-1000 can handle any environmental conditions. From direct exposure to the elements to chilled freezer rooms, you can rest assured that the WL 1000 will not rust or crack under pressure. Simple installation and flexibility are just a couple of the attributes that set the WL-1000 apart from the rest. Whether installing on a forklift or in a static location, WL-1000 is the right choice for a mounting technology that needs to stay securely in place once installed, with the added flexibility to make ergonomic adjustments, on the fly, without tools.

Everything you need to mount an AMPS or VESA compatible device is included in the box. Intuitive attachment options for mounting scanners and tablets make the whole experience from ordering to installation a breeze. Although designed to meet the rigors of everyday life on a forklift the WL-1000 can be installed on any structure that is 4” in diameter or less, secure it once and leave it alone the WL-1000 is there to stay.

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