Improving Warehouse Efficiency: How the Right Device Mount Can Transform Your Warehouse + Other Tips

Angela Barlow


One of the most significant metrics for success for a company involved in the distribution and logistics of products is the rate at which it can deliver its goods without sacrificing accuracy. In other words, how fast they can find what they are looking for in their warehouse and package and ship it to the customer without making mistakes (like sending the wrong product to the incorrect address). 

With e-commerce seeing a significant boom during the COVID-19 pandemic, the distribution and logistics capabilities of companies have been put to the test. But, according to experts, it’s likely that even after a successful vaccination roll-out, e-commerce is here to stay. For this reason, the time to improve your warehouse efficiency is today, not tomorrow. 

Today we’ll be focusing on how the right device mount can transform your warehouse for the better. But first, let’s discuss the main issue that many warehouses are facing today. 

The Current Issue Many Distribution and Logistics Companies Are Facing Today With Mounting Options

Many companies understand the importance of utilizing device technology within their warehouse processes. Such devices include tablets, scanners, and printers that make finding and registering goods easier by mounting them on forklifts and warehouse environments. But, the challenge is figuring out how to implement this technology while ensuring it is secure, ergonomic, and easy to use. 

But here is the thing—the high number of tablet, printer, scanner, and other device options makes it hard to find a mounting option that works for everything, with mounting options that work for some devices and not others. This places the burden on the warehouse company itself to mix and match different mounts to find a solution that actually works for them and their warehouse team. Trying to find the winning combination can take time, which leads to ordering errors and product delays. 

Overall, it’s a frustrating process and can be detrimental to a company that is trying to meet the increased demand of e-commerce but instead has to spend time trying to implement its new devices. Not being able to satisfy their customers’ orders will not only cost them financially, but it will damage their brand name and goodwill they’ve worked hard to build-up. 

So, what can companies do to ensure that they can use their new devices immediately and to their fullest potential? They can invest in a one-size-fits-all solution. 

How the WL-1000 Can Help Your Company’s Warehouse Thrive

While other device mounts only work for some devices, ENS’s new WL-1000 Warehouse Arm is the one-size-fits-all solution you’ve been looking for. The WL-1000 allows you just one product to attach to multiple structures, as well as accept devices with either AMPS or VESA mounting patterns. 

In addition, the WL-1000 offers easy-to-use, infinite adjustability. This allows you to position the devices anywhere you want them. This new device mount is the future of warehouse efficiency. 

To learn more about how WL-1000 can help you meet the demand of your customers, reach out to ENS today

Key features of the WL-1000 include: 

  • Engineered polymer alloys and advanced composite materials for durability and superior functionality
  • A universal clamp attaches to any square, rectangular, or round structure up to 4” and allows back-to-back arm mounting
  • An extender that seamlessly lengthens the arm from 4” to 8”
  • Button macro adjustments and captive hardware make installation and device positioning both quick and easy. 
  • And more…

Other Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

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Finding the perfect device mount is just one of the many ways you can improve lead-time while eliminating opportunities for errors. Here are a few other ways! 

Maximize Your Space

Sometimes companies will make the mistake of expanding their warehouses’ footprint before first utilizing all of the space their current setup possesses. For example, leveraging vertical space through taller storage units can help stave off the need for investing in more floor space. Obviously, you don’t want an extremely crowded warehouse. But, make sure you use all of the space you have before investing in a larger warehouse footprint. 

Optimize Your Warehouse Layout

Are items that are often sold together near one another in your current warehouse setup? Are higher volume items near the front of the warehouse to help mitigate travel time? These are just a couple of the ways in which you can reorganize your warehouse to optimize efficiency. 

Audit Your Process and Review Effectiveness

Taking a long, hard look at your warehouse processes and identifying bottlenecks is crucial to long-term success for your company. Running a self-audit to see which steps can be improved will help you make the right decisions to restructure your process to be more efficient.


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