Upgrade and Enhance Your DuraTilt® Payment Terminal Stand

Natalya Taylor


Most users of fixed payment terminals from Verifone, Ingenico, Pax and Castles have discovered and enjoyed the benefits of mounting devices within their point of sale and service areas. These benefits include security, ease of use, less damage to the device and cables as well as the all-important PCI compliance. However, the average life cycle of fixed payment devices is between 4 and 7 years meaning that when the time inevitably comes to upgrade, the payment terminal owner is faced with the tough process of deciding on a new payment terminal and in some cases, upgrading the entire payment mounting solution as well.

However, this need not be the case.

At ENS, we offer a simple and cost-effective upgrade path which reduces the cost of both the upgrade and the time taken to install. Like each of the stands in ENS’ popular FlexiPole Range, the FlexiPole Connect utilises ENS’ bespoke backplate system which ensures the best, most secure fit with your chosen payment terminal.

ENS’ innovative backplate approach provides superior protection against theft, damage and criminal interference and offers a higher degree of security versus the competition whose solution simply holds the terminal in place with grip arms which are easily tampered with. Add to this the option of a locking mechanism and the ENS FlexiPole Connect delivers the best-in-class secure mounting of payment terminals in the industry.

Connect E Blast Image FINAL 1

For users of the DuraTilt® solution from Ergonomic Solutions Ltd/SpacePole Inc, the only solution when upgrading to a new payment terminal is a full replacement of the MultiGrip™ Payment Plate. However, with the competitively-priced FlexiPole Connect Upgrade Bundle from ENS, the payment terminal owner can make continued use of their existing pole-base whilst benefitting from brand new tilt and rotation mechanisms.

Why is the FlexiPole Connect Upgrade Bundle the best choice?

  • Best-in-class security.
  • Cost-effective lock option.
  • Peace of mind that the payment device can easily be upgraded again in future with a new device backplate.
  • Incredible choice – ENS has an ever-increasing range of backplates for many of the market’s leading payment terminals.
  • Increase operational efficiency with brand new tilt and swivel mechanisms which have no metal parts – the superior choice to sticking with DuraTilt®.
  • Includes ENS’ Standard 2 Year Warranty.

To witness just how simple upgrading with the FlexiPole Connect is, check out this short video.