The TechTower POS & Display Mounting Solution from ENS, A Havis Company is a durable, reliable and configurable point of sale (POS) solution. Whether in a distributed checkout or a desktop environment, TechTower brings together all the peripherals of a POS System (including display, payment terminal, printer, scanner) and allows them to be seamlessly integrated to create one efficient mounting configuration.


As one of the longest-standing in the ENS POS & Display Mounting Family, TechTower is constructed from high quality steel and is expertly designed to be both robust and aesthetically pleasing so as to compliment modern in-store checkout environments. The core of the TechTower solution is a sturdy steel pole to which arms are connected to allow the installation of various POS peripherals. The pole comes in multiple sizes – 16”, 24” and 30”. The choice is yours – simply choose the correct pole length for your specific requirements. With the TechTower pole itself being hollow, cables can be easily routed through to achieve excellent cable management thereby allowing easy installation and maintenance of devices.


POS Displays are attached to the TechTower pole using industry standard VESA mounting options which include single or double pivot, as well as back-to-back monitor support if required. POS Peripherals such as printers, payment terminals and handheld scanners can also be attached via additional arms. Due to its inherent modularity, users can easily upgrade/change their TechTower configuration at any point in future simply by adding additional arms for new hardware or by switching out the printer tray/payment terminal mount(s) to upgrade to new technology.


As the industry-leading provider of custom technology mounting solutions, ENS can also create custom TechTower configurations to meet customer-specific requirements. For further details, please contact us here or discuss with your ENS Representative.


TechTower supports VESA Displays and POS Peripherals from all major providers including NCR, HP, Diebold Nixdorf, Toshiba, ELO, Epson, Star, Verifone, Ingenico, Pax and many others. TechTower is available globally and can be purchased via our global partner network.



  • Create a seamlessly integrated POS mounting configuration.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Excellent cable management.
  • Add new technology easily – compatible with displays and peripherals from all leading providers.
  • Create a more productive workstation for your employees.
  • Only pay for the upgrades you need—no extra bells and whistles.
  • Custom configurations available – contact us to learn more.


Watch our video on Height Adjustable Monitor Mounts here.


Compatible with any VESA compliant monitor, tablet, or payment solutions

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