Every retail store is different, so customizable solutions are a must for store owners looking to increase their productivity and efficiency—especially in regards to their point of sales systems. With the ability to easily add new technology to it, such as screens, printers, and keyboards, the Tech Tower allows you to customize your POS system to fit your needs.


The possibilities are truly endless with the Tech Tower. A customer screen can be added to the tech tower, providing convenience and transparency for the shopper as they watch how their products are being scanned. Cables and connectors route through the poles, meaning stations will avoid a cluttered, messy look. The Tech Tower is also robust and durable and will prevent monitor “bounce.”


Finally, a solution that allows you to fit the tech to the user.



Add new technology easily.

Create a more productive workstation for your employees.

Only pay for the upgrades you need—no extra bells and whistles.



Compatible with any VESA compliant monitor, tablet, or payment solutions

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