TechTower Telescoping Monitor Mount – Countertop POS Monitor Mount

Designed using our TechTower Pole with double pivot, this new offering from ENS Group provides easy adjust vertical, tilt and side to side rotation of your POS AIO or Display Monitor. With cable strain relief built in and ‘through the pole’ cable routing, this mount looks as clean as it is durable. Cables can exit the Pole near the bottom or through your counter-top.

The telescoping vertical lift feature allows the center of your Monitor to be positioned between 20.8” and 26.3” from the mounting surface.


5.5” of vertical monitor adjustment

180 degrees left-to-right monitor rotation

50 degree upward and 10 degree downward Monitor tilt

Holds monitors weighing up to 20 lbs.


Easy attach Monitor feature on VESA plate

Integrated and protected cable management

Additional device mounting options back of clamp

TechTower Telescoping Monitor Mount Data Sheet



Compatible with VESA Monitors

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